Krave Restoration is a division of Krave Contracting Inc., headquartered in Kelowna and serving a wide range of small-town locations throughout BC.

Krave Restoration was established as a separate division of our company so that we can concentrate on all the related services that come into play afer disasters, whether man-made or from nature.

Krave Restoration might be the "new kid on the block" in the restoration field, but we are not new in the industry. We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible. The bigger restoration companies often farm out their work to sub-contractors, which is not always the most reliable from a "get-'er-done" point of view. Krave Restoration employs a dedicated group of tradespeople who know what it takes to get the job done, on time and on budget! Yes we are often paid by insurance companies, but our focus is the homeowner and how to help them get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Experience in the Insurance Industry

One off the important factors that differentiates Krave Contracting's owner is his background in the insurance industry. Ryan Eisenhut was previously a commercial insurance broker for 13 years, specializing in construction, realty, and Oil and Gas. He also grew up in an Okanagan Valley family which was involved in the insurance business for over 40 years.

Ryan understands the importance of realistic estimates, great service, as well as the importance of "on time and on budget" projects. Krave Restoration ensures that their tradespeople truly believe in a job well done and take pride in the quality of their work.

24-hour Emergency Service

Krave Restoration also is aware that when people need emergency help, they don't have time to check around to see who is available at that very moment. They need to be able to quickly find a reliable service - and that's us!. We are ready to respond any time of the day or night!

What is "restoration"?

Restoration is the process that happens after disaster strikes, from natural disasters such as floods, interface fires and wind, to water damage from burst pipes, smoke and water damage from fires, vehicle impact damage, even the necessary process to restore a property after it has been a crime or trauma scene.

Whether the damage is covered by homeowner insurance or not, Krave Restoration can help! We deal directly with the property owner, or through insurance companies who have hired us on behalf of the property owner.

If the damage is covered by insurance, our goal is to make sure your insurance claim goes smoothly from start to finish, by providing all necessary trades in order to repair your home as per your insurance policy coverage. We at Krave Restoration are very experienced in the area of Insurance Claims and we take pride in providing a stress-free repair process to homeowners.